Contract filling


Need something special? We're not called Specialised Chemicals for nothing!

We can fill your own range of aerosol products to the highest quality standards…and at competitive costs.

But we offer more than just replenishment. Our range of helpful and expert services includes:

Product Development

We can work hand-in-hand with you to develop new products to your specification or customise from our own vast range of existing formulations. That includes being able to match any product that you may already be using.

Labelling and Printing

SCB delivers the whole package. Just ask, and we'll supply cans ready labelled, silk-screen printed or lithographed to your own individual requirements. We'll work with your team right from the initial design of the can to the detailed content, making sure that your packaging complies with all the relevant health and safety labelling. And you'll get the same care and attention to quality whether you're ordering 48 cans or 48,000!

Material Safety Data

Full traceability? We guarantee it. Our fully computerised system deals with any material safety data sheets and is constantly being updated in line with ever changing legislation. You get not only a great product but ready-to-go material safety data sheets in your own company livery, allowing dispatch direct to your own customers.

Aerosol Filling

Right here, right now. Our on-site filling facility lets us react fast. We handle most of the propellants currently used in Aerosol manufacturing, including Hydrocarbon, DME, and propellant 134A. We can use either Tinplate or Aluminium style cans from as little as 50ml right up to 800ml.

Aerosol Paints

Touch-up paints have been one of our great successes. Why? Because we've proved time and again our ability to take the paint that you use on your own machines and put it into our aerosol cans, or match a new paint to your existing colour and do likewise. We can supply you with products packaged in your own company livery in quantities from as few as 72 cans of one colour!

Deliveries and Distribution

No problem. We can have your product delivered to most destinations, either working with you personally or your freight forwarders to ensure that distribution delivers the right results.


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