SCBs own range of products

  Our own range of aerosol products manufactured to the highest quality standards are sold to Wholesalers, Distributors and where the volume is enough, to the end user.

Our portfolio includes Cleaning products, Lacquers, Paints, Lubricants and Greases plus others that we're adding all the time.

We've listed the product family below. Own label and other products that you may not find here, could be on our contract filling page. It's well worth a visit.

SCB065 Moisture Repellent 400ml
SCB200 Silicone Release Agent 400ml
SCB205 Brake Cleaner 400ml
SCB210 Silicone Release Agent 500ml
SCB220 Silicone Release Agent 600ml
SCB230 P.T.F.E Release Agent 400ml
SCB240 M494 Silicone Grease 400ml
SCB250 Electrical Solvent 400ml (Flammable & non-flammable)
SCB260 Penetrating Fluid 400ml
SCB270 Blue Metal Protection 400ml
SCB280 Copper Anti-seize 400ml
SCB290 White Lithium Grease 400ml
SCB300 Foam Cleaner 400ml
SCB310 Extreme Pressure Lube 400ml
SCB320 Plastic Coating 40ml
SCB330 Battery Terminal Protection 400ml
SCB340 Matt Black 400mml
SCB350 Conveyor Lube 400ml
SCB360 Clear Anti-Friction 400ml
SCB370 Glass Cleaner 400ml
SCB380 Roller Mast Lube 400ml
SCB390 Barrier Cream 400ml
SCB400 Non-silicone release Agent 400ml
SCB410 Cavity Wax 400ml
SCB420 Wire Rope Lube 400ml
SCB430 Engine lacquer 400ml
SCB440 Chain Spray 400ml
SCB450 Roadline Markers 400ml (All Colours)
SCB460 Synthetic Gloss Black paint 400ml
SCB470 Chain Guard 500ml
SCB480 White or Black Stencil Ink 400ml
SCB500 Heavy Duty Adhesive 500ml
SCB510 Bright Silver Paint 400ml
SCB520 Polystyrene Spray Adhesive 600ml
SCB530 Food Lube 400ml
SCB540 White and Blue Layout Ink 400ml
SCB550 Galvanising Spray 400ml
SCB555 Graffiti remover 400ml
SCB560 Belt Dressing 400ml
SCB570 Gasket Remover 400ml
SCB580 Carburettor Cleaner 400ml
SCB590 Anti-Scuffing 400ml
SCB600 Roadline Markers 600ml (All Colours)
SCB610 Matt Black 500ml
SCB620 Fabric Protector 400ml
SCB630 Buff Primer 400ml
SCB640 Semi-Gloss Black 500ml
SCB650 100gm Silicone Grease Tubes
SCB660 Gloss yellow T/U Paint 400ml
SCB670 Bactericidal Foam Cleaner 600ml
SCB680 Non Flammable Silicone R/A 400ml
SCB690 Multi-Purpose Spray 400ml
SCB700 Gearspray 400ml
SCB710 Fast Dry Solvent Cleaner 400ml
SCB900 Roadline Markers 750ml



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