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Q. Why should I contact Specialised Chemicals instead of any other aerosol fillers in the market place?

A. For many years Specialised Chemicals did very little in the way of advertising. Most of the new enquiries we received were as a result of personal recommendations from our existing customers. Having spoken to our existing customers these are a few of the strengths that have been outlined about us over our competitors.

  1. We are flexible with our batch sizes, which range from 48 to 50,000 cans.
  2. Our lead times are generally shorter than our competitors and we are able to respond very quickly in a shortage situation.
  3. Being a medium sized company you are always able to contact the person you require quickly and that person will be in a position to respond to your situation.

Q. Can you supply products identified with my own name?

A. Yes we can supply your products with your own name, these start from as little as 48 cans to 50,000 cans depending on the style of decoration.

Q. Do you have existing formulations that I could have packed into aerosol cans?

A. Yes we do have a vast range of existing formulations that we can supply to you in aerosols. These can be supplied either with our name on or with your own name on.

Q. Can you put my own raw material into aerosol cans?

A. Yes we can put your own raw materials into cans. We would firstly formulate samples which when approved we would form the basis of your own formulation.

Q. Can you fill my own paints?

A. Yes we can fill your own paints. We can either use the same paints as you use in bulk form or alternatively we can match our paint to your existing colours.

Q. Can you help me with safety data sheets and the correct labelling information for my products?

A. Yes we can help you with all this information. We have on site a fully computerised material safety data sheet and labelling system that is constantly being updated to keep both ourselves and our customers up to date with the ever changing regulations in our industry.

Q. Are you ISO 9002 approved?

A. Yes we are ISO 9002 approved. We gained approval in 1994 for the filling, sales and distribution of aerosols and chemical products.

Q. Can you deliver my aerosols to me?

A. Yes we can have your aerosols delivered to you. Alternatively you can arrange for them to be collected from Specialised Chemicals. We are also able to work with your freight forwarders in exporting the aerosols.

Q. How long does it take to get aerosols made?

A. If the aerosols are from the SCB range of products with our name on then delivery is normally around 3 working days or next day delivery at an extra cost.

With regards to custom made products following the approval of samples and artwork, we would expect to be dispatching the goods within 12 working days. (Please note that Lithographed Cans do have quite a lot longer lead time than this).


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